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    A Lifetime of Playing Catch

    It all started when I was about 6 years old in a very poor neighborhood. All the children made our gloves and balls of paper wrapped with...

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    Playing Catch for the Kids

    Sometime during the 2016 Detroit Tiger season, I noticed the first base coach, Omar Vizquel, was coming out of the dugout with a baseball...

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    Playing Catch with a Special Glove

    I'm a little league baseball mom. Some moms have the star player or sons who are really gifted athletically. My son, Rhett,  is not the...

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    Play Catch is a Family Connection

    Like so many of the things in life that you do and give little thought, I completely ignored what playing catch meant to me until I was...

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    It's Never too Late to Play Catch

    Growing up with five brothers and watching them play baseball while having to cook and clean was no fun at all.  To make up for lost...

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    Playing Catch is a Family Affair

    Playing catch is important to me because it is foreign…. I grew up in Australia and our version of catch was playing cricket or football...

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    Catch Was Always There

    Playing catch has been something that has been present in my life almost as long as I can remember. My earliest days in the backyard with...

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    Why I Play Catch

    Playing catch to me is personal. There may be no other activity as personal as playing catch. You see the person as who they are, they...

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    Playing Catch 365 Days a Year

    It started with a dream. An audacious dream of wearing the white and scripted blue of the Kansas City Royals, running on to the field,...

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    A Major League Game of Catch

    You can play catch with your son everyday, but one day, you will wish you had one more.

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