A father and son playing catch

The Mission

The Play Catch Movement exists to improve the welfare of children and the quality of life for adults through the game of catch.

The Movement is SIMPLE yet POWERFUL

Can playing catch have such an important impact?

Yes, it can. We need you to join the Movement.


It is no surprise that there is a generation of children who don’t play catch. This may seem trivial until you consider the ramifications to a child who doesn't have anyone to play catch with, or simply doesn't get out and want to play catch. 

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    Playing Catch for the Kids

    Sometime during the 2016 Detroit Tiger season, I noticed the first base coach, Omar Vizquel, was coming out of the dugout with a baseball...

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    Playing Catch with a Special Glove

    I'm a little league baseball mom. Some moms have the star player or sons who are really gifted athletically. My son, Rhett,  is not the f...

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    Play Catch is a Family Connection

    Like so many of the things in life that you do and give little thought, I completely ignored what playing catch meant to me until I was i...

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    It's Never too Late to Play Catch

    Growing up with five brothers and watching them play baseball while having to cook and clean was no fun at all.  To make up for lost time...

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